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If your property is in Plymouth, whether in Sutton Harbour or Plymstock, it’s likely that you’ve encountered issues with moss, algae and weather stains on your roof. Not only do these make your roof unsightly; they can also cause severe damage to your roof over the long term.

Roof Cleaning Plymouth are your local Plymouth roof cleaning specialists, experts in addressing these common roof cleaning problems, offering thorough roof cleaning services tailored for both homes and businesses. 

Equipped with the right techniques, top-notch cleaning equipment, and a deep understanding of the South West’s climate, we can effectively clear away years of moss and stains to leave your roof looking like new.

Expert roof cleaning solutions in Plymouth

plymouth tiled roofs need to be cleaned of moss

In short, we offer a full package of cleaning to bring you roof up to the best condition it can be:

  • Comprehensive cleaning: Thoroughly removes moss, lichen, and persistent stains, revealing your roof’s original appearance
  • Protective maintenance: Enhances your roof’s durability, potentially preventing costly repairs
  • Non-committal assessment: A complimentary, obligation-free evaluation of your roof’s condition and a quote which tells you exactly how much the job will cost

Our tailored solutions for cleaning Plymouth roofs

We use two main roof cleaning methods to carry out effective roof cleaning. The first is steam cleaning, a method that utilises high-temperature steam to cut through grime. It’s an eco-conscious choice, as there is no need to use harmful chemicals. It relies solely on superheated steam which reaches a temperature of 150-degrees celsius

Another gentle option at our disposal is the Softwash system. This lightly applies a solution customised for your roof material that cleans unsightly marks and restores your roof’s original colour.

Beyond just cleaning, we can apply a bactericide to keep your rooftop clear of new growth for longer.

Eco-friendly steam cleaning for your Plymouth roof

steam cleaning lifts moss and debris from any roof

Roof steam cleaning harnesses the power of pure water. It is an efficient steam cleaning service designed for your particular type of roof. This method leverages high a temperature of 150-degrees to tackle even the most stubborn stains, ensuring a comprehensive and eco-conscious clean.

Steam cleaning respects the environment since it doesn’t leave any harmful residues. Your roof gets a thorough clean, while nature stays untouched by chemicals.

Protection for your greenery

You can relax in the knowledge that the roof steam cleaning process is harmless to your garden. Without the use of chemicals, there is no threat to plants or the local ecosystem. The steam turns to water and simply runs off into the drainage system.

Suited for delicate slate

Steam cleaning is especially suited to slate roofs, which benefit immensely from the gentle touch. Roof steam cleaning effortlessly removes moss and weather stains without any abrasion, leaving your slate clean but undamaged.

Roof cleansing with the Softwash system

Softwash is a gentle method that revitalises your roof’s look without harsh pressure washing. The specialised solution penetrates stubborn stains, allowing the original colour of the roofing material to shine through. Unsightly mould, moss, and weather stains effectively disappear, eradicating all discolouration. 

The minor streaks that may remain will diminish gradually over the weeks following the Softwash treatment.

The Softwash system provides:

  • A tailor-made approach for each roof type
  • A system which avoids tile damage with its mild approach
  • A clearing away of stains, therefore restoring your roof’s original colour

Hand-scraping moss from roof surfaces

In some cases, where the moss growth on the roof is very heavy, hand-scraping the moss from the roof might be needed before any other treatment is carried out. This is usually the case when the Softwash cleaning approach is chosen. Steam cleaning can usually remove moss from the roof without scraping.

Whatever the case, we can manually remove moss and lichen from your roof without harming your roof tiles. This is then followed by one of our other roof cleaning treatments.

Across all offered services, your rooftop’s integrity and appearance are our foremost concern, ensuring a professional and conscientious cleaning experience.

Post-cleaning bactericide protection for your roof

plymouth roofs suffer from a damp climate and need regular cleaning

To extend the time your roof remains clean, we can also apply a protective bactericide. This added measure kills the spores of moss and algae, lessening thew chance of moss regrowth. By tackling these spores, we prolong the period your roof remains spotless, reducing the necessity for regular maintenance. 

This cleaning approach achieves the following for your roof:

  • Prevents quick re-growth of moss and algae
  • Keeps your roof pristine for longer
  • Suits every roof type, managing individual cleaning needs effectively

Your roof’s care is our priority, and our selection of treatment methods guarantees a tailored approach for enduring results.

Enhance your home with professional roof maintenance

Roof cleaning isn’t just about improving the appearance of your roof. A moss-free and well-maintained roof is crucial for averting potential structural deterioration. Moss and other debris can hasten damage by allowing water to seep beneath the tiles. In some cases this can mean having to replace roof joists or even an entire roof replacement.

By investing in our service, you’re not just cleaning; you’re preserving your home’s value and structural integrity.

Comprehensive cleaning for every roof type in Plymouth

There are many different roofing materials, and we have made it our business to become experts in cleaning all the different types. The main types of roofing materials are traditional tiles, slate, and concrete.

Refreshing your tiled roof

If your home boasts a classic tiled roof, it’s essential to keep it maintained. Accumulation of moss and dirt can undermine not just the appearance, but the integrity of the roof, allowing moisture to penetrate and damage the structure. Our approach usually includes careful moss removal by hand, followed by a gentle, low-pressure steam clean that eradicates stubborn residues and stains, leaving your tiles pristine without the use of harsh methods.

To clean traditional tiled roofs we can also use the Softwash system. We will advise you as to which approach is best for your particular roof.

Cleaning slate roofs throughout Plymouth

The natural beauty and resilience of slate roofing demand a cleaning process that’s both effective and delicate. Our team excels in steam cleaning, a method that is perfect for removing accumulated grime without risking the integrity of the slate. In Plymouth, slate roofs are a common sight, and we have become experts at cleaning roofs made from natural slate, preserving the appearance and maintaining the condition.

Revitalising Concrete Roofs

Concrete roofs are known for their longevity and sturdiness, yet their porous nature makes them vulnerable to persistent staining. Our steam cleaning technique penetrates these pores to lift and remove dirt, restoring your roof to its original hue. Trust in our local expertise to provide a cleaning solution that does the job, whether a residential roof or one on a business. No matter the roof cleaning project, the results are uniformly impressive.

Quick guide to our roof cleaning services in Plymouth

  • Tiled Roofs: Moss removal by hand, followed by steam cleaning.
  • Slate Roofs: Gentle steam cleaning to protect integrity and appearance.
  • Concrete Roofs: Steam cleaning to reveal the original colour and texture.

Armed with the understanding that each roof has unique requirements, we promise roofing services that respect the material. Whether it’s modern, vibrant-coloured roof tiles, historic slate, or sturdy concrete, you can rely on our commitment to solving problem areas and enhancing your roof’s longevity and appearance.

Specialist Plymouth roof cleaning services

exterior cleaning services for the whole of plymouth

For your roof cleaning needs, make sure you choose a seasoned local firm whose roots are firmly planted in the heart of Plymouth. Our team’s intimate knowledge of the local environment enables us to tailor our roof cleaning services to the unique demands of Plymouth and its adjacent regions.

We have:

  • Extensive experience servicing clients from every area of Plymouth, including Devonport, Plympton and Stoke, along with towns close to Plymouth such as Saltash, Tavistock, Ivybridge, Torpoint, and Kingsbridge.
  • Wide experience in addressing Plymouth’s specific roofing challenges and those of the South West in general

Comprehensive vetting of staff for your total peace of mind

Your safety and confidence in our roof cleaning professionals are paramount. You can rest assured knowing that every cleaning operative is meticulously screened via DBS checks to make sure they have no criminal record and can be trusted with access to your property. All our staff are rigorously trained and briefed on Health and Safety directives, along with high-level training on the use of the roof cleaning equipment.

Solid insurance for your protection

We also carry professional grade liability insurance worth £10 million. This means that in the unlikely event of any damage to your property, you are fully covered against any eventualities.

Comprehensive coverage of Plymouth and surrounding areas

See our service areas for where we cover. If you don’t see your particular area, please get in touch as we cover all areas of Plymouth and many of the surrounding towns.

Central Plymouth

In the heart of the city, you’ll find expert services to ensure your roofing remains in impeccable condition. We have wide experience of cleaning roofs on commercial buildings. Let us take care of your roof’s essential maintenance

The historic harbour district

The area encapsulating the old harbour and waterfront is rich in maritime legacy. Your properties here benefit from bespoke cleaning that protects against the marine elements


This locale, woven with local history, receives our careful attention to maintain its rooftops, contributing to the preservation of its character and charm


Stonehouse’s standout architecture requires a nuanced approach to roof care, which is exactly what you’ll receive to keep these storied buildings looking their best


Devonport stands with a mixture of historical and modern buildings. Our services are perfectly tailored to meet the needs of this diverse architectural landscape


Suburban Plymstock is included in our reach, where your homes will see the benefits of thorough and conscientious roof upkeep


In Plympton, our approach adapts to both the old-world aesthetics and newer constructions, ensuring comprehensive and effective cleaning across the board


This ‘Gateway to Cornwall’ with its historical landmarks and residential areas is well within our service remit, receiving dedicated care for both heritage and recent developments


A town rich in history, Tavistock’s unique roofing gets the special attention it deserves, ensuring it maintains its traditional allure


With a blend of rural charm and modernity, Ivybridge benefits from our personalised roof cleaning services that are as detail-oriented as they are efficient


Overlooking the estuary, Torpoint’s homes are safeguarded by our diligent and methodical cleaning services, tailored to combat coastal weather conditions


The ancient market town of Liskeard, with its collage of architectural styles, enjoys our expert cleaning services designed to preserve its rich heritage


Totnes’s eclectic and historic architectural mix means it benefits from our comprehensive and careful approach to roof maintenance


For the properties set in this rural market town, our solution-focused cleaning ensures your rooftops remain in prime condition amidst Kingsbridge’s natural beauty.


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