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Welcome to the leading edge of roof cleaning in Plymouth and the wider Devon area. Roof Cleaning Plymouth is dedicated to providing top-tier, environmentally-friendly roof cleaning services for residential and business properties across Plymouth.

We operate throughout Plymouth and the surrounding area. We carry out roof cleaning from The Barbican and Sutton Harbour all the way to the residential areas of Plymstock and Plympton. Our reach also extends to Saltash, Tavistock, Ivybridge, Torpoint, Liskeard, Totnes, and Kingsbridge.

Eco-friendly cleaning to clean your roof while being gentle on the environment

We transform the appearance of your roof with our cutting-edge, eco-friendly roof cleaning techniques. Specialising in advanced steam cleaning methods, we offer a powerful, chemical-free solution to remove moss, mould, and weather stains. 

By harnessing the natural power of superheated steam, we eliminate the need for harsh cleaning chemicals. Our process is safe for all types of roofs, from traditional slate to modern tiles, providing a thorough clean without compromising the integrity of your property.

Softwash cleaning for a different approach

We begin with a thorough examination of your roof to evaluate the level of moss accumulation. Based on our assessment, we proceed with two distinct steps.

To start, we meticulously remove the moss by manually scraping it off your roof. Throughout this process, we are careful to avoid any harm to your roof tiles, while also monitoring the overall condition of the roof.

Next, we employ our sophisticated Softwash method and state-of-the-art equipment to eliminate any weather-related marks from your roof tiles. The Softwashing process uses a low-pressure wash to clear away grime, algae, and other discolouration, and all without damaging your roof.

Safety and expertise at the heart of what we do

Safety is paramount in our operations. Our team of roof cleaning specialists is highly trained in safe working practices, ensuring the utmost care of your property during the cleaning process. 

We are fully equipped to handle any roof cleaning project, no matter the scale or height, with the right tools and access equipment to achieve great results safely and efficiently.

With ten years of experience under our belt, you can be assured we can deal with your roof cleaning project, no matter how complicated.

Thorough employee background checks

Every member of our team undergoes an extensive Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check to ensure they have a clean record. This gives you the peace of mind to confidently allow our team onto your premises.

Extensive public liability insurance

We are covered by £10 million in public liability insurance, offering you additional security. We have never needed to call on it, but you can be sure that you are completely protected, and your property is protected at all times.

Our straightforward roof cleaning guarantee

We stand by our work with a simple guarantee: if you’re not fully satisfied with any part of our service, we’ll come back and correct it without any fuss. No arguments, no waiting—just prompt action to guarantee your satisfaction.

Book your eco-friendly roof clean today

Whether you’re located in the bustling streets of Plymouth City Centre or one of the quiet Plymouth suburbs, our eco-friendly roof cleaning services are just a call or click away. Serving a broad area across Plymouth and Devon, we’re ready to breathe new life into your roof while respecting the environment.

If your area isn’t mentioned on our Plymouth Service Areas page, don’t hesitate to get in touch, and see if we cover your locality. For larger jobs we will travel longer distances, to bring our high standards to you wherever you are.

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