Cornish Window Cleaning has cleaned gutters in the weirdest and most wonderful places in Plymouth, Cornwall and all over Devon as well. We’ve yet to find a job that we’re not able to do. Finding a solution for a difficult gutter cleaning job may take a bit of thought power sometimes, but we’ve always managed to come up with the answer.

The inquiry we received from a housing association looking for a specialist gutter cleaning company in Plymouth did bring a challenge

The building that required the gutter cleaning was a 6-storey building with the blocked gutters above the 5th floor but under the 6th floor. I’ve only ever seen something like this once before, which is for the gutter cleaning contract we have with an old hotel in Fowey, Cornwall, where we clean the gutters every 6 months.

This building is right on The Hoe in Plymouth, so it can be a bit windy up there at the best of times when you’re carrying out a gutter clean.

We are specialists in high-level gutter cleaning, but we found this job was too high even for our high-reach industrial gutter vacuum. That can reach and clean gutters effectively up to 45ft safely. But this job was way higher than that. Obviously the client didn’t want to pay tens of thousands of pounds to erect scaffolding for access. A lorry-mounted boom would cost thousands, and 12 weeks to put in place. We have done all those things to reach the guttering, but only as a last resort.

As luck would have it, there were two empty flats on the 6th floor, and which had windows that opened fully inwards. This gave our gutter cleaning operatives access to most of the blocked guttering using our extendable poles on the gutter vacuum. Our operatives used harnesses and work restraint lanyards, and we partially closed a small section of the pavement below to enable us to carry out the gutter cleaning safely.

With all the correct health and safety in place we started the gutter vacuum up, extending pole by pole until all was cleared.

There was just one small section that we couldn’t reach from the empty flats. We had prearranged with one of the very kind tenants to gain access from her flat. She had brand new beige carpets throughout, but our gutter cleaning employees are absolutely fabulous workers who go above and beyond all the time. The cleaning went like clockwork, and we left the place as clean and tidy as we had found it.

One of the top chaps from the housing association was so impressed with the gutter cleaning that we’ve secured quite a bit more cleaning work with this Plymouth organisation.

If you have a difficult or hard-to-access gutter cleaning requirement, get in touch with us for a free gutter cleaning quote. We’ve yet to find any gutters that we can’t clear, and I’m sure we can clear your gutters to a high standard.

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