Expert roof cleaning and moss removal in Plymouth

Roof Cleaning Plymouth is a Plymouth roof cleaning company which stands as a leading service provider for roof cleaning, offering comprehensive cleaning solutions for various roof styles throughout the city and its neighbouring regions. For a detailed evaluation of your roof cleaning requirements, reach out to us today for a complimentary assessment.

Tackling Plymouth’s roof challenges

In Plymouth, whether it’s the bustling city centre or the quieter places such as Plymstock, roofs frequently battle against moss, algae, and weather stains. These not only make your property look unattractive, but can also inflict damage to your roofing structure, leading to expensive repairs over the long term.

This is why regular roof cleaning is so important.

Your local Plymouth roof cleaning company: expert roof care professionals

As Plymouth’s dedicated roof cleaning experts, we specialise in combating these issues. Our roof cleaning services, designed to cater to both residential and commercial properties, are customised to effectively address your specific roof cleaning needs.

Our state-of-the-art cleaning technology and a deep knowledge of the South West’s unique climate means our team is skilled at removing years of accumulated moss and stains. You can trust Roof Cleaning Plymouth to rejuvenate your roof, restoring its appearance and making it look almost like new.

Our roof cleaning solutions: the complete roof revival package for Plymouth, Devon and further afield

roof cleaning for plymouth city centre and suburbs

Our services provide a full cleaning process designed to effectively eradicate moss, lichen, and stubborn stains. This process uncovers your roof’s true appearance and also safeguards its structural integrity.

We offer various roof cleaning packages depending on the level of cleaning required, the type of roof covering, and your preference for whether you prefer eco-friendly roof cleaning.

Eco-friendly steam cleaning: a natural choice

Our premier steam cleaning technique employs high-temperature steam, reaching up to 150 degrees Celsius, to effectively dissolve grime and dirt. This method stands out as an environmentally responsible choice, avoiding the use of harsh chemicals and relying solely on the natural cleaning power of superheated steam.

Gentle yet effective

Steam cleaning is particularly beneficial for the environment, leaving no harmful residues. It delivers a deep clean to your roof, ensuring the natural world around your property remains unscathed.

Safe for gardens and greenery

The process is completely safe for your surrounding garden and plants. The steam converts to water and harmlessly drains away, posing no risk to the local ecosystem.

Ideal for delicate roof types

This method is an especially good choice for cleaning slate roofs, as it cleans effectively without any abrasive action, preserving the integrity of the delicate slate.

The Softwash system: low pressure roof cleaning

A Plymouth roof cleaning company can revitalise slate roofs in the city

The Softwash system is our low-impact solution, ideal for gently lifting stains and restoring the original hue of your roof. It effectively targets mould, moss, and weather stains, eradicating discolouration without the need for high-pressure washing.

A customised clean for each roof

Our Softwash approach is tailor-made to suit various roof materials, ensuring a gentle yet effective clean without causing damage to the tiles. Over a few weeks following the cleaning operation, even the smallest streaks fade, leaving your roof uniformly clean.

Manual roof moss removal for heavy growth

In instances of significant moss accumulation, manual hand-scraping may be necessary before other treatments. This method is particularly relevant when opting for the Softwash system, though steam cleaning often eliminates the need for prior scraping.

Protecting your roof tiles

We carefully remove moss and lichen by hand, preserving the condition of your roof tiles. This step is usually followed by another of our specialized cleaning treatments.

We will fully assess your roof and the amount of moss accumulation before giving advice as to the best method of cleaning.

Post-cleaning bactericide application: stopping moss growing on your roof

To maintain your roof’s appearance for an extended period, we can apply a bactericide. This treatment targets and eliminates moss and algae spores, significantly reducing regrowth and keeping your roof looking good for longer.

A bespoke approach to cleaning and maintaining your roof

We understand that each roof has unique cleaning requirements, and our range of services is designed to meet these needs effectively. Your roof’s care is our top priority, and our diverse range of cleaning methods ensures a bespoke treatment for lasting results.

Beyond simple roof cleaning

Roof cleaning means more than just visual improvement. A moss-free roof plays a big role in preventing structural damage. Moss, along with other debris, increases the risk of damage due to water infiltration under the roof tiles. This can lead to extensive repairs, such as replacing rotten roof joists or even the entire roof.

Investing in our services equates to more than just cleaning. It’s about safeguarding your home’s structural integrity and preserving its market value.

Versatile cleaning for all roof types in Plymouth

plymouth has a varied housing stock, including terraced houses which need specialist roof cleaning

The buildings in Plymouth feature a variety of roofing materials, and we pride ourselves on our expertise in cleaning each type. Our specialties include traditional tiles, slate, and concrete roofs.

Reviving tiled roofs

Tiled roofs, a common sight throughout the UK, require regular upkeep. Neglect can lead to damage beyond surface level, when moss and dirt allow moisture to seep into the roof space and cause moisture damage to the roof joists.

Our method typically involves moss removal by hand, followed by a gentle steam cleaning process that removes tough stains and residues without harsh techniques.

We might also recommend our Softwash system, ensuring the best possible care for your tiled roof.

Expertise in Slate Roof Cleaning

Slate roofs have a well-earned reputation for elegance and durability. However, like regular tiled roofs, they need to be kept free of moss and algae in order to make sure they remain a protective barrier. Large growths of moss can cause water ingress and damage to the roof.

Slate roofs also require a careful cleaning approach, since high-pressure washing can damage the slate, and chemical treatments simply aren’t suitable. For slate roofs, steam cleaning is the answer.

Our team specialises in steam cleaning, and are adept at removing grime while preserving the slate’s integrity. After a steam clean, a slate roof acn often appear as new.

Refreshing Concrete Roofs

Concrete roofs are known for their durability. But they are also prone to staining due to their porous nature. Our steam cleaning method effectively cleans these surfaces, uncovering the roof’s original colour. Whether for residential or commercial properties, we ensure impressive results.

Plymouth’s local roof cleaning experts

roofs need regular cleaning in a maritime climate such as plymouth's

Many roof cleaning companies are a subsidiary of a national company. We are a truly local company, with an office in Plymouth. This gives us an in-depth knowledge of the cleaning requirements of Plymouth properties. We also have serviced clients throughout Devon and parts of Cornwall.

When it comes to roof cleaning, opting for a well-established local company is the best move. Our team has an extensive knowledge of the area’s specific environmental factors. This knowledge allows us to customise our roof cleaning services to meet the unique needs of Plymouth and its surrounding areas.

Thorough employee vetting for your complete assurance

Your trust and safety are top priorities. We ensure that every member of our roof cleaning team undergoes comprehensive DBS (criminal record) checks, confirming their integrity. This rigorous process ensures they can be trusted with access to your property without concern.

Our commitment to safety and training:

All staff members receive extensive training in Health and Safety protocols. They also receive high-level training in the use of the roof cleaning equipment, ensuring efficiency and safety in every job.

Comprehensive insurance for your peace of mind

We carry professional liability insurance worth £10 million. This substantial coverage means that you’re fully protected against all eventualities.

By choosing us for your roof cleaning needs in Plymouth, you’re not just getting a service; you’re gaining the assurance of working with seasoned professionals committed to the highest standards of safety, expertise, and local knowledge.

Our service areas throughout Plymouth and further afield

We cover all areas of Plymouth. If you don’t see your area, contact us to see if we cover your location.

  • Central Plymouth
  • The Harbour District
  • Stoke
  • Stonehouse
  • Devonport
  • Plymstock
  • Plympton
  • Saltash
  • Tavistock
  • Ivybridge
  • Torpoint
  • Liskeard
  • Totnes
  • Kingsbridge

No matter where you are in Plymouth or the surrounding areas, our team is ready to provide top-tier roof cleaning services, tailored to the unique needs of each location and roof type.

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