A little while ago we received a call from the Hope Baptist Church in Peverell, Plymouth, who wanted a specialist company to clear and survey their guttering.

Since we’ve been gutter clearing and cleaning for many years now, it turned out we were just the gutter cleaning company they were looking for.

We met with Chris, the church representative, onsite to do the initial gutter survey and quotation for the gutter clean. This is standard practice for jobs of this nature. This was a high-reach gutter clean, and these jobs really do need a site visit beforehand. That’s just the reason Cornish Window Cleaning always offers a free onsite quotation before any gutter cleaning takes place.

Due to the building being an old church with extensive extensions added on over the years, there were several old gutters, not to mention some weird and wonderful guttering runs running from the old to the new. I must admit that in all my years doing guttering work, I’d never seen anything like it. Think of the children’s game Mouse Trap and you’ll be somewhere near it.

After a very productive initial meeting, with photos and notes taken, I submitted an official gutter cleaning quotation, which was accepted after approval from the committee on the condition we submitted a full risk assessment and method statement.

Health and Safety legislation is something we take very seriously at Cornish Window Cleaning. We are fully trained by IOSH to carry out full risk assessments and method statements in all manner of commercial and domestic situations.

The job went swimmingly on the day. Our operatives cleared the gutter debris away, leaving the gutters clean and free flowing. There was quite a bit to remove, especially the area under the trees. Regularly clearing gutters of leaves and moss is essential when there are overhanging trees, since the gutters and downspout can easily become blocked and the overflowing gutters cause water damage to the building.

There was also a large valley area that needed clearing. This wasn’t part of the original quotation, but the gutter cleaning operatives just went on and cleared it all at no extra cost to the client.

The folks at the Hope Baptist Church were so happy with the results and our service as a whole, that Cornish Window Cleaning has now secured the contract for the annual cleaning of the guttering.

We’ve always found that top quality service is the best advertisement for an external cleaning company like ours.

If you want to experience high-quality gutter cleaning in the Plymouth area, get in touch with us via our contact page

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